Room for Nature candles utilizes a patent-pending wrap to maximize the soy candle experience and provide additional layers of safety to the conventional candle design.  This page aims to provide additional in-depth information on each of the key aspects made possible by Room for Nature technology

Smaller Flame Sizes
     Room For Nature’s wrap design contains small flecks of metal (which can be noticed as sparkles) which absorb heat from the candle flame and gently transfer it through the entire candle label. This process softens wax along the edges and prepares it for melting as the candle burns down.  With other candles, providing enough heat to melt the edges of the wax against the inside of the glass can be quite challenging. Too much flame and the candle will burn fast; release excess exhaust and bringing the glass temperatures to dangerous levels. Not enough flame and the candle will tunnel down leaving excess wax along the sides of the candle.

Reduced External Temperatures

      The same metal fleck detailed above is also the primary aspect that reduces exterior temperatures. As the metal fleck heats up, it transfer the heat within the label to the other metal fleck, evenly distributing it across the label. Because of this transfer of heat, the maximum amount of surface area for cooling can be utilized and thus no one area of the label ever gets too hot. In addition to the greater cooler and distributed heat, the warm label acts as an insulator for the interior of candle. This creates a very favorable temperature for soy wax to melt. It also forces the heat up out of the candle instead of out through a bare glass jar, which aids greatly in scent throw.

Increased Burn Time/ Even Burns/Melt all Wax
     The smaller flame means less soy wax is being burned at any given time. When this is coupled with the wax warming properties of the candle wrap, the overall burn time of the candle becomes greatly extended. Less energy is used to melt the solid wax, and there is always an abundance of melted wax for the flame to draw from. These two aspects create a highly consistent burn that characterizes all Room for Nature Candles. Taking it a step further, we at Room for Nature have extensively tested many forms of soy wax and wick type/sizes to find out which combination creates the best experience. After many iterations we have a candle that has proven to outperform not only all other candles on the market, but also every other candle we have ever created.

Shatter resistant Glass
     Between the main label wrap and the clear warning label overlay on the bottom of every Room for Nature Candle, the majority of the glass is completely covered in material that both protects glass from cracks and shattering as well as binds it all together in the event that an impact is enough to break it. The lid and the neck of the glass are still vulnerable to breaks, but the rest of the candle can withstand drops from 5 feet or more onto concrete.

Transparent Label
     The transparent label wrap allows for continual monitoring of the flame on any Room for Nature Candle. In the event that a foreign object falls into a candle, or perhaps a cat’s tail is moving too close to a flame, you will be able to spot it from 360 degrees around the candle itself.  In addition to the safety aspects, the transparency also allows the ambient effects of the flame to reach out and light a dark room or project the gentle image of the Room for Nature tree branch on a nearby wall