From humble beginnings, Room for Nature began with the mission to create the cleanest and smoothest burning soy candle on the market. After many iterations and candle designs, Room for Nature is finally ready to present the fruit of several years of work. The Safest candle in the world, made possible by a patent-pending and proprietary candle wrap. Room for Nature candles are entirely encased in a heat/burn resistant thermally insulating material allowing inside temperatures of the candle to be keep the perfect for the efficient melting of soy wax while at the same time keeping exterior temperatures cool enough to allow for safer handling of an already burning candle. The transparent label allows for continual monitoring of the flame, and the shatter resistant properties of the wrapped candle glass add extra layers of safety and efficiency to the candle experience  
     Room for Nature set out to create an equal or better soy waxed alternative to compete with the most loved paraffin wax giants on the market. Unlike paraffin, soy wax is more challenging to burn, as it needs high and sustained heat to efficiently melt the wax. As a result, you will often see larger flame sizes on soy candles to compensate for and overcome this element of soy wax. Larger flames mean faster burning and increased heat, often times well beyond what even the soy wax needs to melt.
     Candle giants have been increasing their investments in petroleum based paraffin wax over the past decade. Though often smooth burning, paraffin wax is notorious for indoor air pollution, cited with releasing carcinogenic hydrocarbons (often appearing as black soot around mouth of container) whenever burned. 
     We at Room for Nature aim to echelon the candle market into a highly efficient, safe and clean alternative to popular candles on the market. We hope you are fully satisfied with every Room for Nature Candle and appreciate your continued support.
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